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Sugar Alternative for Kids in Lincoln

“Statistically you are your own worst enemy. At least, of all the people in the world, you are most likely to be killed by yourself”.

“For the first time in history, you are your worst enemies.” he said. “Statistically, you have a greater chance of killing yourself than any soldier or terrorist. Sugar is a greater danger than gunpowder. You are more likely to die from drinking too much cola than being blown up by al-Qaeda. And this is very good news.” (1)


A Natural Alternative to Sugar for Lincoln

Sugar 2.0 is the first sugar substitute that delivers that natural sugar taste you love, with zero artificial ingredients.

Yes, it’s really real! Made with real cane sugar and no fake ingredients. While other sugar substitutes rely on synthetic, man-made ingredients to simulate the sweet flavor of real sugar, Sugar 2.0 cuts the volume of sugar in half by replacing it with natural, soluble fiber that your body needs.

What’s so good about fiber? Soluble fiber is found naturally in certain vegetables, grains and fruits and can help lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels. Even better, fiber is a natural carb fighter, helping to prevent the absorption of sugar in the body

1 teaspoon = 2 grams of fiber. Sounds too good to be true, but it is! Every teaspoon of Sugar 2.0 provides 2 grams of soluble fiber.



Sugar 2.0 is simply better sugar.

Sugar 2.0 is 50% less sugar, 1/3 less calories than regular sugar with the benefits of soluble fiber. Combined with the delicious sweet taste of real cane sugar, now you can have your cake and eat it too!

Sugar 2.0 is made with granulated non-GMO real cane sugar. Sugar 2.0 was created to replace the white table sugar you have grown to love. Sugar 2.0 is a 1:1 replacement to traditional sugar. Use it in your coffee and tea. Great for baking, cooking, soups, and marinades.

To retain freshness and avoid clumping, Sugar 2.0 is best stored in a closed container away from heat and moisture. Moisture and excessive heat make Sugar 2.0 hard and lumpy. Although it is safe to use, once this happens, there is no way to restore it.

Serv Size: 1 Tsp (4g), Amount Per Serving: Calories 10, Total Fat 0g (0% DV), Sodium 0mg (0% DV), Total Carbohydrate 4g (1% DV), Dietary Fiber 2g (8%DV), Sugars 2g, Protein 0g, Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

FiberSucré prebiotic soluble fiber and cane sugar.

Sugar 2.0 is the first sugar substitute that delivers that natural sugar taste you love, with zero artificial ingredients.


About Foods 2.0, LLC.

Foods 2.0 began with one father’s desire to decrease his children’s sugar intake and replace it with a solution they’d love. Founded in 2015, Southern California-based Foods 2.0 strives to develop “clean label” foods using minimal, non-GMO ingredients with no byproducts or fillers. The company’s mission is to reduce or eliminate added sugar in everyday food items. Its products, Sugar 2.0 and Sugar 2.0 + Probiotics, are currently available in the baking aisle in 2,600 stores across the U.S.

Foods 2.0 has long been passionate about making more healthy, natural, low sugar products. In less than 2 years, their flagship products, Sugar 2.0 and Sugar 2.0 + Probiotics have launched in nearly all 50 US states, including Giant Food Stores, Albertsons and Walmart.

“Excessive sugar consumption is one of the main reasons for obesity and type 2 diabetes. Even children at a very young age are already affected by these grave health issues,” Trong Nguyen, CEO of Foods 2.0 explains. “We wanted to make a major difference in the health of Americans, especially children.”

Nguyen is a father of four himself and reducing his children’s intake was one of the major motivators for him in creating Sugar 2.0. He wanted his children to be able to enjoy sweet treats without having to worry about their health.

“However, the majority of the sugar that we consume every day is already added to food products like soft drinks, confectionary and condiments; even ready to eat meals often contain high levels of added sugar,” Nguyen clarifies, “which is why it’s so important that we take on big food manufacturers to truly make a difference.”

Soft drinks are well known to contain high amounts of added sugar, but even some unsuspecting foods can be among the worst offenders: soups, sauces, salad dressings and yogurts are just a few examples of foods that are secretly loaded with added sugar.

The trend is clearly shifting towards healthier, cleaner foods that help us live better and longer. The UK has taken a decisive step in the direction of sugar reduction. Is it time for the US to follow suit?(3)


"in 2010 obesity and related illnesses killed about 3 million people, terrorists killed a total of 7, 697 people across the globe, most of them in developing countries. For the average American or European, Coca-Cola poses a far deadlier threat than al-Qaeda."  Yuval Harari, Homo Deus (pg 18)




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Sugar Alternative for Kids in Lincoln

Sugar Alternative for Kids in Lincoln
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